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Omega: Vengeance

Omega: Vengeance

Omega: Vengeance

OMEGA is back! Omega, the rogue god, is poised to free himself from his black hole prison in the midst of a Minyan civil war...

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Omega: Vengeance - Issue #2 - April 2021

  • Cover A: Adrian Salmon
  • Cover B: John Ridgway
  • Cover C: Andy Walker

A hunted Princess Malika fights to stop the rising tide of violence that threatens to engulf the City. Omega's influence continues to grow, leading to desperate choices that may mean the end of Minyos.

Issue #2 - Bonus DVD content:

Newly recorded commentary for Doctor Who: “The Deadly Assassin” with Philip Hinchcliffe (Producer) and Roger Murray-Leach (Designer), moderated by the BFI’s Justin Johnson.

Introduction to Demons of Eden with Ian Winterton (Writer) and Martin Geraghty (Artist), moderated by Cutaway Comics’ Matt Charlton

Commentary on selected sequences from Issues 1 and 2 of Omega with Mark Griffiths (Writer) and Andrew Orton (Colourist), moderated by Cutaway Comics’ Matt Charlton.

Omega: Vengeance - Issue 1 - The Covers

The Omega series of comics will each feature three distinct covers. Issue no.1 cover A was created by Martin Geraghty, cover B by John Ridgway and cover C design is by Stephen B. Scott. So you have plenty of choice for which edition you want to own!

Issue 1 - January 2021

The people of the planet Minyos are in revolt against their alien gods. This chaos is being stoked by the rogue god Omega, who longs to free himself from his black hole prison and wreak revenge. But brave Princess Malika, last of the Minyan royal family, is determined to fight back...

Bonus Added Value DVD Omega Issue #1

  • An Audio introduction to the series with Mark Griffiths (Writer) and Gareth Kavanagh (Publisher)
  • Newly recorded audio commentary for Doctor Who: “Underworld” with Louise Jameson (Leela) and Bob Baker (Co-Writer), moderated by the BFI’s Justin Johnson
  • Video Archive: Panel of Bob Baker and Paul Tams from Vworp 4 in Manchester, 2011
  • Video Archive: An Afternoon with Louise Jameson, recorded at the Lass O’Gowrie, Manchester, 2013

Omega: Creating the New Story

Cutaway Comics are delighted to be launching our second title: OMEGA! Created by legendary Doctor Who writers Bob Baker and Dave Martin, we have worked closely with Bob to ensure our exploration of the character is true to Bob and Dave's iconic villain.

The comic will also visit the world of Minyos, as featured in the Doctor Who story ‘Underworld' and reveal some of its ancient mysteries along the way.

Crafting this hotly-anticipated story is playwright Mark Griffiths, making his comics debut. Cutaway Comics readers may recognise the name from We Apologise for the Inconvenience, his play about the life of Douglas Adams (a script book and audio drama are available from this very site!).

Mark is thrilled to be telling this new tale for Omega, "It's a dream come true - a Premier League Doctor Who villain!"

Speaking exclusively to us, Bob adds: "I'm delighted that the characters are deemed to be popular enough to appear in comic strip form today. I used to read the Eagle and Dan Dare, they were so colourful and an epic look. I know John's visuals will delight and stimulate!"

And that John is none other than the mighty John Ridgway, artist behind some of the most memorable Sixth and Seventh Doctor strips for Doctor Who Magazine. John has been working hard to bring not only the mythologically-inspired world of Minyos to life, but also redesigning Omega:

"I'm looking at the design of Omega shortly and I've got a responsibility to produce something of impact with the reader. It has to be a dynamic, fluid design that fits in with the script – and pleases Bob, Mark and the fans."

Mark adds, "It is a very pleasing little project - my first comic script. I've found it a very interesting challenge to tell stories in this form." he smiles.

OMEGA is available quarterly from January 2021.

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